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Message  Philob le Sam 3 Oct - 5:52

Reçu par email aujourd'hui.
Le CD-DVD du concert du Shepherd Bush Empire sortira le 12 octobre cheers ...

et plein de nouvelles... mais pas de tournée française en vue !!! Sad

" * Wishbone Ash® is about to embark on a really intensive 6-month tour plan, a 'final fling' taking the band 'round to next July in the 40th anniversary of its long career.

* The October tour of the UK begins on the 2nd and ends the first week of November. Then in January 2010 the band hits the road again for the Netherlands, Germany and Scandinavia. Canada's blues prodigy, Jimmy Bowskill, will be opening for the band on this 6-week tour. For a complete list of tour dates and venues visit http://www.wishboneash.com/tours.asp

* In addition we'll be revisiting Warsaw and Poznan in Poland. The Czech Republic is now on the date sheet.

* A USA East Coast tour is in the final booking stages, planned for March 2010. Keep your fingers crossed on this one.

* Italy and Switzerland will also be visited this time around just prior to the usual spring U.K. tour

* A USA West Coast tour, plus a possible Far East visit, are being discussed for June

* The new DVD "Wishbone Ash® 40" Live in London is set for a European release on October 10th, although we've been assured of tour stock for the beginning of the U.K. tour. This new DVD was produced by RCN TV, the same team who made the highly acclaimed Live in Hamburg DVD. This 40th anniversary show from Shepherd's Bush Empire contains performances of Blind Eye, Runaway, Right Or Wrong, Sometime World, Rainstorm, The Way of the World, Everybody Needs a Friend (featuring Mark Birch), The King Will Come, Throw Down The Sword, Cell of Fame (featuring Mervyn "Spam" Spence), Almighty Blues & Faith, Hope & Love (featuring Ben Granfelt), Engine Overheat, Phoenix, Jailbait & Blowin' Free. If that's not enough, this production has a special 51-minute bonus road movie as well. Featuring back stage scenes and travel footage - a kind of "week in the life of the band" leading up to the big London show. The format is stunning Hi Definition video, 5.1 Surround Sound as well as regular stereo. And yes, this DVD will be offered for sale on the band's website once we have it in stock.

* A separate live CD of the 2-hour performance as well as a vinyl pressing will be available.

* Two new T-shirt designs will be presented on the U.K. tour: one similar to our last popular design, a baseball flash style shirt in men's and ladies styles (pictures). The 'tumbling wishbones' motif as seen on stage during the band's 40th anniversary London show will also be featured on a black tee. More designs will be forthcoming this year to add to your T-shirt collection.

* Big News: After a 10 year run, our website is currently undergoing a complete makeover by North Carolina's Samedis Design. The site will be in a modern larger format, featuring video, Twitter, MySpace & FaceBook access.

* New album: As many of you know, Wishbone has been hard at work on new material, in various locations like Normandy, France and Lancashire, England. The team, including engineer Stephan Ernst, and Sometime lyricist Ian Harris, is contributing skills to a set of new songs said to feature mucho guitar work courtesy of Powell/Manninen plus a level of rhythmic dynamics never before heard in this band by the team of Skeat and Crabtree. Some of the works in progress for example are Searching for Satellites, Big Issue and Man With No Name.

* New stage songs for the set list! 70s album title track Front Page News has had a makeover and will now make its return back into the set, as will the seldom-heard but favorite of many, Lady Jay. The latter being the recounting of the well-known Dartmoor legend. Recounting the death of Kitty Jay was recently the subject of a BBC ghostbusters-style documentary.

* October 5th features the band at a special competition winners show at the Gibson Event Theatre in London sponsored by Planet Rock Radio.

* This Just in: Universal Music is embarking on a plan for Wishbone Ash's back catalogue. So far they have scheduled in a Anthology and a Box Set. We will keep you abreast of this as we find out more.

* Many of you will have noticed the enhanced provincial media presence of late. This is due to the efforts of Manilla PR in the U.K. October interviews with Andy Powell and the band are slated for BBC6 - live interview on the Cery's Matthews Afternoon show on Monday October 5th Total Rock Radio - Live interview on Monday October 5th Rock Radio - and look out for an October interview Numerous regional BBC Radio appearance including BBC Devon, BBC Notts, BBC Coventry and many more to come.

Metro Radio Newcastle - Oct 27th interview on Alan Robson's show BFBS Worldwide Rock Show - Exclusive interview with Damian Watson

* Our own Bob Skeat has an interview set for the TKC Mag (car magazine) coming out end of October.

* Also, don't forget to look out for an extensive interview with Andy Powell in the next issue of Classic Rock Society magazine.

* Jim Sewell of Backstreet International Merchandise Ltd (the company that produces our Wishbone Ash T-Shirts) will be running a half marathon in aid of UNICEF in a couple of weeks and he really needs sponsors! He needs to raise £550 and is only half way there. We're sure that with your help he will be able to reach the golden target. Anything you can donate would be greatly appreciated. http://www.justgiving.com/jimbowshalfmarathon/

* In June the band presents its second USA AshFest once more at Club Med, Port St. Lucie Florida. It is hoped, depending on the level of support, that we will have on board special guests like Ben Granfelt, Pat McManus, Roger Filgate & Spam Spence to make this a broader musical event than last time. For guitarists and all musicians, there will be an open jam sessions with the band. For more information on this great event see below.

Celebrate Wishbone Ash's 40 Year History At
AshFest in St. Lucie, Florida!
June 3rd - 6th, 2010

This is it! The event of the year! If you thought Shepherd's Bush was something, this is going to blow your mind. And the best part is you're all invited to join in the fun and music for a 3-day AshFest at the beautiful Club Med Sandpiper in St, Lucie, Florida.

To all who attended the last AshFest in Florida, you already know how great the experience was. This time, however, we are working very hard to make this event even bigger and better then the last and the one - you'll be talking about it for years to come.

First off, the Club Med Sandpiper is an all-inclusive resort. What that means is that once you check in to the resort, you can put your wallet in the safe as you won't be needing it. Your first-class room, gourmet food, top-shelf Liquor, the Florida sun & activities are all-inclusive at a very reasonable price, starting at only $799 plus $35.00 membership per person. Plus, you will be treated to two concerts by Wishbone Ash® (acoustic & electric) and a Jam Session on the final night.

We are in the process of inviting some very special guests; former members of Wishbone Ash®, to join in the fun. Ben Granfelt has committed to attending. Roger Filgate, Pat McManus & Spam Spence have also been extended invitations. Now it's up to you to make this event happen!

Your AshFest Weekend will include:

* Two exclusive concerts & Jam Session with special guests & attendees
* Two Private cocktail parties
* Commemorative T-Shirt
* Photos with the band
* Meet and Greet
* Q & A session with the band
* Wishbone Ash® Memorabilia Auction
* Gourmet dining throughout the day
* Full, open bar with premium beverages
* Sporting activities such as: Swimming, fitness classes, sailing, water skiing, tennis, golf, rollerblading and Circus school (Joe's Favorite) and much more
* Children's programs and activities for all ages starting at 4 months.
* Tennis academy and professional golf lessons

Two years ago at the last AshFest, one of the highlights was when Dane and Ginger renewed their marriage vows. If anyone would like to do the same or get married at AshFest, let us know and we'll make it so. You can't get a better band then Andy, Bob, Muddy and Joe to play at your wedding.

AshFest 2010 is 8 months away, but in order for us to pull everything together, including our special guest, it's up to the fans to start committing to this fabulous event. In order to make this dream event a reality, OceanConcerts and Wishbone Ash® have come up with an easy way to book your reservations directly through the OceanConcerts web site, OceanConcerts.com, and PayPal. We have even set up a payment plan for those interested as to not take such a big bite out of your wallet all at one time.

OceanConcerts is pleased to announce an Early Booking special for the month of October!

Book a Double Room before October 31st and receive one Club Med membership fee for free! A deposit of $150.00 is due at the time of Booking, and the remaining $100.00 of the deposit will be due by January 1, 2010. Log on to www.oceanconcerts.com or call 866 432-0050 to reserve your space today.

The two-for-one membership special will be applied to those who have already booked.

If you have signed up for AshFest 2010, and live outside of the UK, we ask that you hold off on booking your airline reservations at this time just in case we don't get the proper amount of folks to commit to this once-in-a-lifetime event and it needs to be canceled. We will give you updates on the status of AshFest over the next couple of months as to its current status and when to book airline reservations. For those living in the UK planning on attending, please see the message below."

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